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Antique Jewelry Old Mine Cut Diamond Brooch

 An Old Brooch That Changed My Life.....

One spring day in the year 2005, I was working in an estate jewelry store when a dear elderly couple came in. They asked to have a few family heirloom pieces appraised. I scurried to write up the ticket for the appraisal and looked at each piece meticulously. It was an amazing discovery of jewels for me. As we poured over each of their treasures, I shared every ounce of wisdom I had about each one.  

We visited for what seemed like forever, sharing much about our lives and weaving a tapestry of what later turned out to be a very significant relationship. 

During this visit, I was extremely captivated with one particular piece; a Victorian 14k yellow gold and old mine cut diamond brooch. I'd never seen so much detail work in my life! After the appraiser looked at their pieces and they were ready for pick up, I gave them a call and let them know that their valuables were ready for them. 

What happened next, changed the course of my life. When they came into the jewelry store, they immediately took the brooch from the bag of jewelry they had appraised. The woman placed it in my hand. She then looked me in the eye and said "because you were so kind and courteous, I want you to have this as a "Thank you". I cried. The couple cried. We all cried. It was one of the most touching moments of my entire life. They asked me to have that piece because they saw that undeniable passion in my eyes. 

To this day, that pin has more meaning to me than anything I've ever owned.

Since April 14, 2013, it has been my desire to provide pre-loved quality fine jewelry so that you may have the opportunity to find that one of a kind dream piece every single day! 

I truly do believe the exchange of the brooch was a defining moment for my passion and my career! Rarely a day passes without being reminded to treat others how you want to be treated and to always keep an open mind and an open heart! That brooch stands as my company's logo today and I carry it wherever I go. I hope everyone who visits my shop will one day find that extraordinary piece that makes a dream become reality for you.  

"Something Old" stands for continuity and tradition. "Something New" represents optimism and success. "Something You" is a reflection and a piece of who you are, and what you find valuable.  

My Victorian old mine cut diamond and gold brooch is my piece! What's yours?

Something Old. Something New. Something You.

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In the Fine Antique, Vintage & Estate Jewelry Industry since 2005.

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